Brittany Hillman

Year 3 in 2019

Year 3 is the first clinical year of the course and is very different to previous years (in my opinion, better). It is an opportunity whereby the theoretical knowledge you have learned over the first two years can be put into practice. Spending time on the wards gives you the chance to learn from real patients, taking histories and performing examinations. Throughout the year there are different rotations including paediatrics, mental health, elderly care, general medicine and surgery. Although initially daunting, you soon grow in confidence and welcome the learning opportunities that are available to you in such a large hospital.

As exams are slightly earlier in Year 3, you get the opportunity to spend a month in General Practice and can choose two Student Selected Components (SSC’s). There are so many SSC’s to choose from that allow you to explore avenues you are interested in but aren’t necessarily covered during the course (for example prehospital medicine).

As with every year of medicine, I found it was important to maintain a work-life balance and take time for yourself throughout the year. The medical school still allows time off on Wednesday afternoons for students to participate in university sports if they wish. I used running as my stress-reliever which helped keep both my body and mind healthy.

There is no denying that third year is a big step up from second year, but it is the year you start to take on some responsibility and really feel like a student doctor.