Humzah Amin

Year 5 in 2016

Deciding to come to Keele to study medicine has been without a doubt the best decision I have ever made. The last six years, which included one year studying for a master’s, has been an exceptional experience and has exceeded all previously held expectations.

Fifth year is the final step in completing medical school and it has definitely been my most enjoyable year. It is currently split into two long blocks of primary care and secondary care, followed by an elective period. The primary care rotation allows great integration within the team at a GP surgery and really improves communication skills and the management of patients with a mixture of acute and chronic conditions. The secondary care block allows a greater understanding and appreciation of life as a junior doctor, whilst on surgical and medical wards. During the critical care block you are taught how to manage acutely ill patients, which is a vital skill as it is something junior doctors often encounter while working. Having completed written finals in fourth year, fifth year allows immersion within the clinical team and enables you to work closely with the junior doctors to help prepare for work, without the pressure of written exams, which I have found to be extremely rewarding.

The elective is a great opportunity to look forward to at the end of fifth year. It is a two month period which is spent in a different part of the country (or world!) at a hospital and in a specialty of your choice.

Keele students spend their clinical years between a major trauma centre and smaller district general hospitals. Through the ward-based teaching a vast amount of knowledge is able to be gained from the passionate teachers that work with Keele.

Keele is smaller than most medical schools and the staff know students by name and are always keen to help. Keele are innovators always relying on feedback to improve the curriculum for their students. There are also lots of societies, so you are sure to have plenty to do when you are not studying!

I am sad that my time at Keele is coming to an end but I am certain that I will be fine next year as a junior doctor thanks to the excellent training Keele has provided for me. I would definitely recommend applying to Keele for anyone considering coming here.