Emma Howard

Year 3 in 2016

Year 3 sees the start of a totally new environment—the wards. Interacting with patients everyday presents the best opportunities to consolidate both practical and communication skills and the knowledge you’ve learned so far in a holistic way.

The endless learning opportunities at the Royal Stoke University Hospital allows you to see all aspects of medicine, from scrubbing in to theatres and watching surgical procedures, to clerking in new patients in the Children’s Assessment Unit and much more! It has been a real privilege to follow patients through their time within the Royal Stoke Hospital seeing exactly how their care between so many different teams fits together. Although Year 3 is challenging and a little daunting to begin with, the support of staff, patients and your peers is exceptional. There’s also time to enjoy your other interests outside of medicine. I particularly enjoy going spinning and spending time outside, whether that’s exploring the nearby Peak District or spending time with my dogs.

I am particularly looking forward to spending time in my Student Selected Components later in the year, where you have the opportunity to explore future career paths and spend four weeks in two different areas of your choice. Year 3 has been my favourite year yet and I’m looking forward to all the opportunities the next two years will bring on the path to becoming a future excellent clinician.