Chun Wai Wong

Year 3 in 2017

My Year 3 clinical placement at Royal Stoke University Hospital was an eye opening experience. Year 3 differs significantly from pre-clinical years with a huge amount of time being spent in the wards. We are expected to learn new medical conditions while simultaneously consolidate previously acquired skills and knowledge through patient contact. As emphasized by many consultants, there is no better way to learn medicine than incorporating a patient in the learning process.

The well planned Keele curriculum has allowed us to have plenty of exposure in different fields of medicine. The main blocks in Year 3 include paediatric, elderly, psychiatry, general surgery, and various medical specialties. Besides clerking and examining patients we have the privilege to scrub in to theatres and assist in surgical procedures. For enthusiastic budding surgeons this opportunity should not be missed.

Keele adapts a curriculum that is spiral in nature in the sense that new things are taught every year, in more detail, while revisiting subjects covered in previous years, and build up on our current knowledge. During Year 3, in addition to seminars and case-based learning (CBL) we have additional anatomy and pathology lectures at campus every Thursday. These lectures supplement our clinical knowledge very well allowing us to have a better understanding of various medical conditions.