Adam Thomas

Doctor in 2017

I am very proud to be a Keele Medical School graduate. Selecting the right medical school for you is extremely important. I remember my first visit to the school as a sixth form student keen to study medicine, and was immediately impressed by the modern facilities and innovative curriculum. What confirmed Keele as my first choice however, was the friendly, warm welcome offered by the staff and students. This has been an enduring welcome for the ten years since, and I wouldn’t change anything about my time at Keele.

Although it sounds like a long time, your five years at medical school goes so quickly. It seemed an impossibility on my first day walking through the doors as a new first year medical student, but the feeling on graduation day when I was surrounded by my friends, family, tutors and colleagues was incomparable, elated at having made it through and qualified as a doctor. Since qualifying I have completed a variety of rotations in areas ranging from emergency medicine to neonatology. My short career so far has included time spent researching, teaching and a position on a national committee, and I have just completed my Core Surgical Training.

This was all achieved thanks to the fantastic education and opportunities I received at Keele.

I can honestly say Keele prepared me in every way possible for life as a junior surgical doctor in the modern NHS. The spiral structure of the curriculum means most topics are visited more than once, each year building a new layer of complexity. I remember as a fifth year learning about the complex management of a patient in heart failure, fondly recalling studying the basic anatomy and physiology of the heart as a first year. Of the armoury of skills and knowledge medical school has equipped me with, an area in which Keele excels is in its teaching of communication skills. Being able to communicate effectively with patients has been vital in allowing me to be as efficient and approachable a doctor as I can be.

Returning to Keele as a Clinical Teaching Fellow means I am now part of the team that is teaching the latest generation of medical students, which is a huge honour. Consistently ranking amongst the very best of UK medical schools, Keele prides itself on graduating excellent clinicians. I wish you all the best in your ambition to study medicine; it really is the best job in the world. I can’t think of a better place to achieve your ambition than at Keele.