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We have received over 2500 applications for A100 and over 320 applications for A104 for 2021/2022 entry.

Please bear with us, as it takes a long time to assess the large number of applications. You may not hear from us until the new year.

For information on interviews, please see drop-down boxes below.

New Year Update - 08 January 2021

Thank you for your patience with us. We understand that you have a lot of questions as it is a long time since you submitted your applications.

Applications received by 15 October deadline
We are working hard to get through applications by the middle of February. This has taken a longer this year, due to the increased number of applications. 

Overseas applicants
See an explanation below of how we adjust the BMAT score.*

Interview Invitations
We are holding interviews throughout January and February and aim to give two weeks notice of an interview. An early interview does not indicate an increased chance of receiving an offer.

Offers after Interview
Offers are made based on performance at interview. The total UCAT score may be used to differentiate between candidates on the same score after interview.
We are planning to start making some new offers from week commencing 11th January. Please note, 1) this is not an automatic process; we have to check certificates and tailor offers depending on your qualifications 2) it is also a rolling process as we are still conducting interviews; some interviewees will have to wait for a decision until all the interviews are complete. We aim to have all offers made by 31 March.

Offer Holder Days
All those made an offer will be invited to an online Offer Holder Day which will involve a mock PBL session including virtual anatomy & lab sessions. The dates for these are 6 February, 6 March and 27 March.

Final Decisions
We aim to have all decisions on the system by 31 March.

*BMAT scoring for Overseas applicants
We calculate a BMAT score based on all three sections. We use the numerical scores from sections 1 and 2. For section 3 we multiply the numerical score by a factor defined by the alphabetical grade to give an adjusted score, as follows:

Grade = A, factor = 1.25
Grade = B, factor = 1.00
Grade = C, factor = 0.75
Grade = D, factor = 0.50
Grade = E, factor = 0.25

The total score we use is section 1 score + section 2 score + adjusted section 3 score. The maximum achievable score is therefore 9 + 9 + 6.25 = 24.25
For 2021 entry, the threshold score for invitation for interview, to allow us to interview the required number of international applicants, is 14.95.

Winter Update

Winter Update December 2020

Home applicants

A link to access the Roles & Responsibilities form will be sent to all relevant applicants on a rolling basis from Monday 5 October through to Friday 16 October. On logging into your portal, you can then select the R&R form link. Once a form is submitted the link will no longer be available (from the next time you log in). The form must be completed and submitted by 11.59pm (GMT) on Monday 2 November 2020. You will be sent an e-mail acknowledging receipt of your form. Guidance notes are on the main website. 

A104 applicants and overseas applicants do not need to complete the Roles & Responsibilities form.

Overseas applicants

These will be assessed on the BMAT score and academic requirements. This means we may not assess Overseas applications until late November time when the BMAT results are released.

With such a detailed process it does take quite a while for us to select the highest ranking applicants for interview. Interview notifications will be sent out on a rolling basis and many applicants may not receive a decision until the New Year.

Please see our entry requirement pages for entry criteria.

There is more information about interviews below and on the main medicine admissions website.

If you began Year 12 in September 2018 and plan to take final A level exams in the summer of 2021 (i.e. three years after commencing), we will treat these as your first attempt and you will be eligible to make a new application for 2021 entry.

If you are in this situation, and if you had an offer for medicine at Keele for 2020 and held us as Firm or Insurance choice, we will not require you to take UCAT again for your 2021 application. We will also reinstate your conditional offer for 2021 as long as you inform us before 30 Sep 2020 that you intend to reapply. Note that you might wish to take UCAT again if you also wish to apply to other medical schools.

If you are in this situation but did not have an offer for medicine at Keele for 2020, we will require you to take UCAT in the 2020 test season and go through the full application process, including R+R form submission and interview (if shortlisted).

Please note that you must include the grades you were awarded in 2020 (including practical annotation) within your new UCAS application, however, we will not use those grades in any decisions on your eligibility for interview or offer. 

Once you have selected an interview date, you will not be able to change it. We are only able to offer alternative dates for those with extenuating circumstances.

Our selection process requires candidates to be interviewed before any offer can be made. Approximately 600+ applicants will be invited for an interview. For 2021 entry interviews are scheduled to take place online in December, January, February and March. More details about the interview can be found below and in our Interview section

Interview guidance for candidates

MSC Guidance for candidates taking online interviews 

Each candidate invited for interview will have an online interview. The interviewers are drawn from the university, partner hospitals, general practice and local community; they have undergone specific training for interviewing medical school applicants. The decision to offer a place is made on the basis of interview scores, with the threshold score being set to make the correct number of offers to fill the available places, taking into account the predicted proportions of candidates who will accept our offer and subsequently achieve the required grades in the appropriate exams. The total UCAT score may be used to differentiate between candidates on the same score after interview. 

An early interview does not indicate a better application or that you are more likely to receive an offer. 

In February, March and April the university run Offer Holder Days for those holding offers. This enables candidates to view all the university facilities and talk to staff and students before making their final UCAS decisions.

Use these links to check which documents you are required to provide for your DBS Check.

If applicants decide that they wish to defer entry after they have already submitted their UCAS form, they must complete our Request to defer entry to Medicine by 31 May. We would not usually consider requests to defer entry once examination results have been published.

Individual requests for feedback from unsuccessful applicants only will be considered between 1 April and 31 July 2021. Please submit requests to medicine@keele.ac.uk

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