Student profiles

Maria Van Veelen

"I knew Keele was the right university for me the moment I walked through the doors of the David Weatherall building. After applying to my four uni choices, I made independent visits to each school to hand in my international transcripts. "

Maria Van Veelen, Heath Foundation Year in 2016

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Edward Lewsey

"Although Year 1 is extremely hard work, the material is fascinating. I think that there are few other courses around which match the incredible way that Keele is able to emphasise the importance of the science, whilst maintaining the simple humanity of the role we are all training for and striving towards."

Edward Lewsey, Year 1 in 2015

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Eva Havelka

"Starting medical school was like entering a completely new world. From week one onwards, I stepped into the role of a medic and was expected to be a part of the health care “team”. "

Eva Havelka, Year 1 in 2016

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Simran Parmar

"My second year has been even better than my first, in large part due to the excellent curriculum and the incredibly helpful members of staff at Keele."

Simran Parmar, Year 2 in 2016

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Sean Williams

"As you can probably tell from the photo I am a mature student and, at 34, the oldest in my year. Previously I was in the military. "

Sean Williams, Year 2 in 2015

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Emma Howard

"Year 3 sees the start of a totally new environment—the wards. Interacting with patients everyday presents the best opportunities to consolidate both practical and communication skills and the knowledge you’ve learned so far in a holistic way."

Emma Howard, Year 3 in 2016

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Chun Wai Wong

"My Year 3 clinical placement at Royal Stoke University Hospital was an eye opening experience. Year 3 differs significantly from pre-clinical years with a huge amount of time being spent in the wards. "

Chun Wai Wong, Year 3 in 2017

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Elin Rowlands

"Fourth year is one of the most challenging, yet exciting years at Keele. With final examinations at the end of the year and the reality of becoming a doctor beginning to sink in, the pressure to consolidate your knowledge becomes increasingly intense."

Elin Rowlands, Year 4 in 2017

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Samantha Fairclough

"Fourth year has been the most challenging and intense year of medical school so far with the final written exams being at the end of this year."

Samantha Fairclough, Year 4 in 2018

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Humzah Amin

"Deciding to come to Keele to study medicine has been without a doubt the best decision I have ever made. The last six years, which included one year studying for a master’s, has been an exceptional experience and has exceeded all previously held expectations."

Humzah Amin, Year 5 in 2016

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Asma Akhtar

"The fifth year at Keele is the apprenticeship year. This involves 15 weeks in General Practice and 15 weeks in the hospital shadowing the junior doctors and getting to grips with what will be expected of us once we have graduated. "

Asma Akhtar, Year 5 in 2013

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Adam Thomas

"I am very proud to be a Keele Medical School graduate. Selecting the right medical school for you is extremely important."

Adam Thomas, Doctor in 2017

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Victoria Silverwood

"Currently I am working as an Academic Foundation Year 2 doctor. This means that I complete three four-month rotations in different specialties with some allocated academic time to undertake teaching and research. "

Victoria Silverwood, Doctor in 2015

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Student Profiles | From Health Foundation Year through to doctor

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