What does a RUG member do?

Examples of our activities:

  • Membership of a patient advisory group (e.g. giving advice on research design)
  • Reading and giving feedback on research material (e.g. questionnaires, letters to patients, consent forms.)
  • Commenting on research proposals
  • Membership of project steering committees
  • Co-applicants on grant submissions

Members of the RUG also represent the Centre at meetings with outside organisations such as:

Recently, we have formed the LINK group (Lay Involvement in Knowledge Mobilisation). The LINK is a dedicated patient and public group involved  in our implementation projects, advising us on how best to move our research findings into healthcare practice. 

LINK members helped us to produce:

How do we support our RUG members?

  • We will always try to recruit at least two members of the RUG (Research User Group) to each Project Group. ‌
  • A User Support Worker will always try to be available to attend meetings with RUG members. ‌
  • We provide RUG members with a glossary of the scientific terms used in research studies
  • We will work with the Principal Investigator and the Chair of the meeting to make sure that RUG members' needs are met and that they are able to answer any questions they may have
  • The PPIE Coordinator will always welcome any comments that RUG members have on their experiences - our aim is to ensure meaningful involvement for all members of the RUG.
  • Recruitment leaflet