Lay interviewers of Prospective Medical Students

What does it involve?

Part of the selection process for students to enter onto the Medical Degree involves prospective students taking part in a series of mini interviews. Currently, two interview stations are with a lay interviewer (a member of the public).  Each station is a five minute interview with an individual student and you will interview a series of students within a half-day session.  You would only be asked to do one station in a session.

  • One station is asking them about their application to the University and their motivation to study medicine and any caring experience.  This involves reading through parts of their application.
  • The other station is asking the candidate questions around current issues  which are raised on a short video they watch beforehand (you are given a choice of videos).

Your role is important in enhancing the quality of our selection decisions.


What is the time commitment?

Each session takes half a day and people usually do 2 half days a year (although could be more if you wish).


Will I get paid?

The roles are voluntary, therefore there is no payment to cover your time. However reasonable travel expenses will be covered and refreshments are usually provided.


Where will the volunteering role take place?

Normally at the David Weatherall, School of Medicine building on Keele University Campus.


It’s a lot of responsibility to decide whether a prospective student should enter Medical School, what if I get it wrong?

Your view is just as important to us as the views of clinicians or academics, and your score will count the same as the other interviews. However you will not have to make a judgement on whether the School should accept a prospective student, only score their answers to the questions you ask. Furthermore, prospective students will undertake a series of mini-interviews and the mark from each of these is added together. No one person takes the final decision to accept a student or not.


Why do you want lay interviewers?

We want to select future doctors that the public are happy with, this is why your view is really important to us. You know what qualities you would like a Doctor treating you or your family to have. You may also offer a different perspective to a practising Doctor or academic. Finally, you, as a potential patient should have a say in selecting the doctors of the future.


What will I gain from the experience?

As well as knowing that you have positively contributed to the selection of future doctors, you will hopefully enjoy the role and perhaps learn new skills. You may gain experience valuable for future employment, grow in confidence, meet new people or be challenged and opened up to new ideas.


Will I be trained?

You will receive mandatory equality and diversity training, an induction to the School of Medicine and to your role. You will be fully prepared and supported in your role.


Who are we looking for?

Anybody who is interested in young people and in selecting medical students. You will need good communication skills, be reliable and able to maintain confidentiality. The time commitment is not great, but you will need to be able to commit to various hours during the working day. We are looking for people from all backgrounds and there are no education or work experience requirements at all.

For an overview of the skills we are looking for, please read our Skills profile lay interviewer


How do I apply?

Please see our contact details page for further information.