Medical Specialties

Specifically designed for Medical Specialties. Interactive, participant focused and provided by experts with experience in, and knowledge of, your particular challenges.

  • Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 November 2019
  • Monday 30 and Tuesday 31 March 2020

Our Keele Courses aim to prepare you for the transition from training to independent specialist practice at consultant level, introducing you to contemporary concepts of leadership and management, as well as offering insights into the consultant appointment process.  The course sessions are themed and linked to the Healthcare Leadership Model and the programme design includes interactive presentations from policy experts, personal development consultants and senior speakers. 

Nationally recognised and specialty-specific, the two-day intensive courses have been designed

for higher trainees and SAS doctors wishing to prepare for a Consultant position.  This will support you in acquiring leadership and management skills, part of the curriculum requirements to complete your training.

Previous course feedback

"A really good course that is well organized and delivered."

"Great course, especially the smooth running of the programme and great selection of topics. Particularly enjoyed doing the Myers Briggs and other team exercises. Would highly recommend."

"Well organised and delivered". 

"An excellent insight into leadership and management exceeding my learning objectives." 

"Very useful sessions. Prepared me for upcoming roles in NHS."

"Fantastic course with very helpful tips on Consultant interview techniques and how to deal with becoming a Consultant, as well as improving the quality of quality improvement projects."

"I thought the content of the programme was very good. There was a good balance of material covering NHS structure, managerial and financial systems, management theory and then practical application to obtaining and succeeding in first consultant job."