Professional Services Staff Away Day

On a beautiful, sunny afternoon in May two-thirds of the support staff from across the School participated in the first School of Medicine Professional Support Services conference at Keele Hall. Andy Hassell, Margaret Hollins and Vanessa Hooper welcomed everyone to the conference and set the scene for the afternoon programme. The activities were facilitated by Jan Kincaid (Organisational Development) and consisted of two practical, team building activities.

The first activity was a word-task based around the popular board game Scrabble. The aim of the task was to produce words to score as many points as possible from the letter tiles the team manufactured. My team enthusiastically set about drawing up a list of words, how many “S’s” in Mississippi? All too quickly Jan shouted “time’s up” and the scores were totted up. There’s always one team that tries to take a risk and bend the rules, “nul points” for them!

The second activity was an art-based task in which four sub-teams had to reproduce an abstract piece of art work. Only one member from each team was allowed to view the art work and each sub-team was responsible for reproducing a quarter of the picture. This exercise demonstrated not only the importance of team work and communication but also that we have some quite talented artists amongst us!

The afternoon was a huge success, staff participated enthusiastically throughout and left with some important “take home messages” that can be applied to our teams and roles within the school.

Fiona Allen, David Weatherall MUL Manager