Major Incident Surgical Trauma and Teams

The Anatomy Suite hosted a 4-day trauma course from 15th May - Major Incident Surgical Trauma and Teams (MISTT). The aim of the course is both to develop the surgical skills required by major incidents (such as the Manchester bombing last year), and to promote collaborative working between the various emergency services by identifying lessons from previous major incidents and building on good practice.

The first two days were spent in the Anatomy Lab, developing surgical trauma skills on the types of injuries that are typically found in the aftermath of major incidents. The following days were spent in lectures on interdepartmental cooperation during mass casualty events, and included a presentation from the police on the threat environment. Other sessions included the organisational pressures surrounding incident management and presentations from Defence Medicine experts. The event also included the launch of the new NHS Clinical Guidelines for use in a Major Incident / Mass Casualty event, as well as "The First Hour in the Emergency Room" - new guidance on Triage.