Brazilian student visit

The School of Medicine has continued its Global Health strategy by hosting a three week placement visit for four medical students from Botucatu University, Brazil during May. The aim of the visit was to further their knowledge of the UK National Health Service.

The students were based on campus and the placement included time at the Royal Stoke University Hospital and at local general practices. Whilst on their placement at the hospital, the students shadowed fourth year medical students. They were able to attend a selection of seminars, clinics, ward work and skills sessions and were able to see both how their native health system varied from the UK model, and also how medical education varies internationally.

The students have said of their experience:

"As a group of four students from another country, we arrived at Keele University with lots of expectations about how the University and the Healthcare System would work, including its pros and cons. We really liked the organization of the NHS, and the high availability of brand new technology. We enjoyed getting to know how well-structured the primary, secondary and tertiary care are, how they have clear functions and their interaction with each other."

“We were really impressed with the wards, the organization of the team and how many employees are present and their functions."

“We also experienced the difference in the profile of diseases in the UK compared to Brazil. In the UK there's a high prevalence of chronic diseases and a lot of comorbidities while in Brazil there are more acute diseases with a tendency of changing in the upcoming years."

“We learned way more than books could teach us. We had a great opportunity of living a reality different from ours and we will definitely come back to Brazil with new perspectives."