RCOG World Congress 2018 Poster Presentation

At the end of our third year, we carried out a research project as part of our SSC in the Obstetrics and Gynaecology department, supervised by consultant gynaecologist Miss O'Mahony. After completing our research, our work was submitted to the RCOG World Congress, which this year took place in Singapore. To our surprise and delight, it was accepted for a poster presentation.

The conference took place over three days and we had the opportunity to listen to leading experts speak on a variety of topics within the field of O&G, from paediatric gynaecology and teenage pregnancy to menopause and HRT. We also gained valuable experience of presenting research to clinicians from all over the world and faced some challenging questions!

We are immensely grateful to have had this opportunity and would like to thank Miss O'Mahony for her guidance and support throughout our SSC and beyond, as well as the School of Medicine for their help with conference fees.

Maryam Ali and Grace Raybould, Year 4 Medical Students