NIHR Award

We’re delighted to announce that Peter Yeates has been awarded a highly prestigious Clinician Scientist Award by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR), worth over £950k to Keele over the 5 year term. Peter will use the award to develop research on OSCEs within the School of Medicine, on a new technique called “VESCA” (Video-based Examiner Score Comparison and Adjustment) which aims to make OSCEs fairer and more dependable. The research will involve several studies over 5 years, and aims to collaborate with other medical schools in the later stages to compare examiners’ scoring between different medical schools for the first time. If it all works then it could prove important for the new national medical licensing assessment as well as for Keele’s curriculum.

It’s very rare for these awards to be given to medical education projects, so it’s a real vote of confidence for Keele and an encouraging sign that funding for medical education is increasing. The bid took over a year to put together and Peter was helped by lots of people from the School of Medicine and the Research Institute for Primary Care and Health Sciences including Natalie Cope, Kirsty Hartley, Stuart McBain, Gareth McCrae, Ashey Hawarden, Hannah Bradshaw and all of the students and examiners who volunteered for a pilot study. Funding from the award will pay for a new member of staff to join the research team and will hopefully also provide a PhD student to join the Medical School Education Research Group (MERG).

Peter Yeates, Lecturer in Medical Education Research