Medpath Society

Throughout this academic year, MedPath has grown from strength to strength. Having worked with six different schools from years 9-11, we’ve been able to reach out to more students than ever before. We managed to use all of our allocated budget and were granted extra funding to complete our courses. We have several additional schools lined up to start next year, along with the current 6 schools.

We were fortunate enough to have two resusci annies donated from Affinity Care Management and we hope to further increase our equipment stores to enable us to reach out to more schools and pupils. This year we implemented a new electing system for the future committee.

This has left us with an extremely strong and passionate committee for 2018/2019, and we are excited to watch MedPath grow even more during this year. As co-presidents, we have enjoyed assisting in the success of the society and hope to return to the group in future years

Alexandra Makrides and Jessica Bialan, Co-Presidents of MedPath, 3rd Year Medical students