Hike of the Camino de Santiago, Spain

In July this year I will be hiking the Camino de Santiago in Spain on my own. I am hiking from the 26th of July to the 21st of August. Unfortunately, limited by the very short holidays of clinical year medical students I won’t be able to do the full 750km hike… However in the 27 days I have I’m aiming for around 540-700km, depending on how my legs hold up. I may be slightly foolish as I’m not an experienced hiker and I will have to manage my low protein diet, from the condition I have: phenylketonuria (PKU), in a country not friendly to vegetarians. Indeed, as anyone who has been to Spain knows, it’s hard to be a vegetarian let alone a vegetarian who can’t eat cheese!

As I’m doing such a long hike I thought it would be a good excuse to raise money for charity. I couldn’t decide on one charity so decided to raise money for two and split the money raised equally between them. The first is Keele Nightline, the university listening service, which benefits numerous students in Keele and is a vital service to those who need it.

The second is National PKU News, an international charity that provides essential news and information, as well as scholarships to individuals with PKU. I am a beneficiary of the Guthrie-Koch scholarship they award, and feel it’s my duty to give something back. I am hoping to raise a pound per kilometre hiked. So please follow this link and donate as much as you desire, even a penny would mean a great deal!


Connor Moore, Year 3 Medical Student