Magical clinical dinner in Shropshire Education and Centre on 8 January

SaTH held a Magical Clinical dinner to brighten up dull January!

Dr Perks excelled himself organising a very enjoyable evening for both students and staff. We were delighted that several members of staff from the Medical School were also able to join us.

The evening started with a lovely meal in the restaurant, where the magician came around and performed some amazing tricks at individual tables, which caused lots of mesmerised individuals trying to fathom out how it could have possibly have been done!

Dr Coventry updated the audience on the magic of Keele; changes happening in the future and the present landscape of medical training.

“Making fat disappear” was the next very interesting talk by Mr George Kirby …providing an insight into bariatric surgery."

After which Paul Ray captivated the audience with several magical tricks; the mystery of the missing £20 note belonging to Dr Bateman which was set alight and then magically turned up in the middle of a lemon; Eleanor Cross bravely volunteering for the sword treatment.

Everyone found the evening very enjoyable and a very big thank you to Dr Perks, who not only organised it, but sourced the accompanying light show and even gave us some of his disco moves at the end!