Lay Member Update

Lay members represent the public and bring a different perspective to the School in its decision-making. They help reflect what the public wants from the medical profession and its students. At the moment we use Lay Members during the multiple mini-interviews for applicants and on some of the School Committees. Following a recruitment drive over the summer, 9 new lay members will be joining our Lay Interviewer team in December.

In November the School held a training and update event for new and existing lay members. Over 30 Lay members attended and they enjoyed an update on School matters from Prof Andrew Hassell, presentations on the new curriculum and how it works in practice from Caitlyn Dowson and Lisa Dikomitis and an update on our admissions work. They also had the opportunity to discuss our lay member recruitment process. The day was rounded off with a fascinating talk about the annual Trauma Day from Alice Gwyn-Jones, one of our fourth year students.

Susan Farrington, Deputy Admissions Manager