ASPIRE Research Showcase

The 5th ASPIRE research showcase was held on 22 November in the David Weatherall Building. The event featured the best of student research from SSCs, summer studentships and intercalation years. There was a big diversity in the 34 presentations, from metaphors of health in poetry to chick embryo neurology models, cluster headaches, concussion management in rugby players, AIDS prophylaxis in sub- Saharan Africa and medical education to name just a few.

The external speaker, Dr Andy Ustianowski, Consultant in Infectious Diseases and HIV expert from Manchester, gave an inspirational talk on conducting research within the NHS. Jessica Green and Will Woods won the best oral presentation and poster prizes respectively. Prizes were awarded by the Chairperson of the North Staffordshire Medical Institute, Professor Shaughn O'Brien in recognition of the Institute’s support of the medical school’s research activities. Medicine intercalaters Louise Finch and Marrigje Nell organised an excellent poster session, and the event was supported by volunteers from KMARS. Overall, the standard was extremely high, and feedback from ASPIRE funded students has been uniformly excellent.

Professor O’Brien was quoted as saying that he was so impressed with the professionalism, eloquence and obvious intelligence of the Aspire students and the content of their presentations and posters, that these are clearly the Medical Academics of the future. The collaboration between the Institute and the Medical School is proving to be very fruitful.

The next round of ASPIRE studentships will be advertised in March 2018.

Divya Chari, Professor of Neural Tissue Engineering