Presentations at the British Association of Clinical Anatomists

On December 14th 2017 I attended the winter meeting of the British Association of Clinical Anatomists with two Keele colleagues: Taha Haq (5th year), and Giorgos Solomou (3rd year). Both Taha and I presented a poster of our dissertation projects from our intercalated Clinical Anatomy BSc at the University of Leeds last year. My project was entitled: “Glenoid labral cysts: a rare cause of shoulder pain”, and Taha’s: “The forgotten nerve of thyroidectomy: the significance of the external laryngeal nerve”, which were both literature reviews. Giorgos gave an oral presentation of original research from the Keele Anatomy department, entitled: “The femoral nerve: a new entrapment syndrome?”

The meeting was filled with a variety of presentations from medical education to a diverse range of anatomical research by leading surgeons, junior doctors, and medical students from all over the country. It was a fantastic opportunity for us all to network and discuss potential new areas of research. All of us thoroughly enjoyed presenting our projects and were happy to represent Keele at a national level. Both Giorgos and I had the fortune of receiving the Conrad Lewin Prize for best oral, and poster presentation of the day respectively, which we were both very pleased about!

Connor Moore, Year 3 Medical Student