Information for Schools & Colleges

In conjunction with the Widening Participation office we participate in a range of occasions when pupils from schools and colleges can visit the School of Medicine to find out more about admissions and take part in activities. To find out more about these, please see 

For more information about other events for schools and colleges, and also careers advisors, please call 01782 734746 or see the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences related pages

Medicine Careers Day

Keele University School of Medicine will be hosting the "So You Want To Be A Doctor?" careers day at Keele.

The packed programme will include sessions on "Why Choose a Career in Medicine?", "Entry Requirements and the Interview", "The Student Years", and "Pathways in a Medical Career". In the afternoon there will be interactive sessions including laboratory work and an admissions question and answer workshop. Dates and more information can be found on our Medicine Careers Day page.