Student research examples

Click on the link following each project title to download an overview of the project. Project list last updated: 1 December 2017.

Functional-genomics and chemical-interference to reveal essential traits of human malaria asexual cycle (ICD_ISTM_Russo)
Ilaria Russo (

Analysis of gait patterns in patients after lower limb surgery (ICD_ISTM_Stewart)
Dr Caroline Stewart (

Developing methods to measure muscle morphology‌ (ICD_ISTM_Pandyan)
Prof Anand Pandyan

Investigation of heart valve calcification mechanisms through the creation of biomimic in vivo pathological micro-environments (‌ICD_ISTM_Yang)‌
Dr Ying Yang

Human exposure to aluminium (ICD_ISTM_Exley)‌
Prof C Exley (

The development of novel methods to characterize thrombi as a source of clinically relevant data in acute ischaemic stroke‌ (ICD_ISTM_Lally_Roffe)
Prof Christine Roffe (

Physiological measurement of normal and abnormal movement patterns using biomedical technology (ICD_ISTM_Chadwick)‌
Dr Ed Chadwick 

Investigating the role of microglia in the increased risk of neurodegenerative disease with metabolic disorders (‌)‌
Dr David Morgan (

Neural tissue engineering strategies to promote central nervous system repair (ICD_ISTM_Chari)
Prof Divya Chari

Drugs used in knee surgery procedures: how do they affect the health of cells in autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI)?‌ (ICD_ISTM_McCarthy_Roberts)
Dr Helen McCarthy (; Dr Sally Roberts (

Investigating the potential of human umbilical cord derived-stem cells for wound healing (ICD_ISTM_Mennan_Roberts)‌
Dr Claire Mennan (; Dr Sally Roberts (

Stem cell products for the treatment of immunological disorders (ICD_ISTM_Forsyth)‌
Dr Nicholas Forsyth (

Therapeutic potential of mesenchymal stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles in inflammatory arthritis (ICD_ISTM_Kehoe)
Dr Oksana Kehoe (

Antimalarial drugs (ICD_ISTM_Horrocks)‌‌
Prof Paul Horrocks (

Novel Diagnostic Tools via Proteomics (‌ICD_ISTM_Hart)‌
Dr Sarah Hart 

The diagnosis of lung cancer through breath analysis (ICD_ISTM_Sule-Suso)‌
Dr Josep Sulé-Suso (

Anticancer drugs discovery (ICD_ISTM_Li)
Dr Wen-Wu Li (

The percutaneous absorption of metals (‌)
Dr Gary Moss (

Proteomic biomarker discovery and functionality assessments in orthopaedics and spinal cord injury (ICD_ISTM_Wright_Hulme)
Dr Karina Wright (; Dr Charlotte Hulme (

Use of statins prior to percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) (ICD_ISTM_Butler_Harper_Yang)
Dr Robert Butler (; Dr Alan Harper (; Dr Ying Yang (

Neurological injury models for regenerative medicine: biomaterials and cell transplantation (ICD_ISTM_Jenkins)
Dr Stuart Jenkins (

Therapy development for inherited neuromuscular disorders (ICD_ISTM_Fuller)
Dr Heidi Fuller (

Development of novel therapies to treat muscle and metabolic pathologies in Spinal Muscular Atrophy (‌)
Dr Melissa Bowerman (

Enhancing the growth potential of neurons damaged in spinal cord injuries (ICD_ISTM_Gates)
Dr Monty Gates (

Modulating cardiomyopathies using optogenetics in human induced pluripotent stem cell models in 3D (ICD_ISTM_George)
Dr Vinoj George (

How is the Keele app for workplace assessment and feedback being used?‌ (ICD_MedEd_Lefroy)
Dr Janet Lefroy (

Student or provider: what are student evaluations of placements measuring‌ (ICD_MedEd_McKinley)
Prof Robert McKinley (

Why do medical students whose diagnostic thinking inventory score gets worse think that happens?‌ (ICD_MedEd_Gay1)
Dr Simon Gay (

How do non-clinicians judge professionalism from the way medical students dress? ‌(ICD_MedEd_Gay2)
Dr Simon Gay (

Medical student perceptions of over the counter medications‌ (ICD_MedEd_Gay3)
Dr Simon Gay (

How does OSCE examiners’ ability to hold students’ performances in episodic memory influence the feedback that they give?‌ (ICD_MedEd_Yeates)
Dr Peter Yeates (

Cellular transplantation therapy for hearing impairment‌ (ICD_NatSci_Furness)
Prof Dave Furness (

The shelf-life of commercial sunscreens‌ (ICD_NatSci_McGarvey)
Dr David McGarvey (

Development of new therapeutics for leishmaniasis and African trypanosomiasis‌ (ICD_NatSci_Price)
Dr Helen Price (

Assessment of cochlear fibrocytes before transplantation designed to alleviate age-related hearing loss ‌(ICD_NatSci_Furness_Evans)
Prof Dave Furness (; Dr Michael Evans (

Functional genomics of dengue vectors in Brazil targeting the olfactory and immunity systems‌ (ICD_NatSci_Pelletier_Souza-Neto)
Dr Julen Pelletier (; Dr Jayme Souza-Neto (

Nanotechnologies for repairing the central nervous system (ICD_ISTM_CAdams
Dr Chris Adams (

How do comorbidities / age affect uptake of treatment? How do they affect treatment response?‌ (ICD_PC_Levell)
Dr Jayne Levell (

Osteoarthritis, radiographic imaging, diagnosis & management (ICD_PC_Marshall)
Dr Michelle Marshall (

The association of education with musculoskeletal pain‌ (ICD_PC_Lacey)
Dr Rosie Lacey (

Public health‌ (ICD_PC_Wilkie)
Dr Ross Wilkie (

Understanding the extent of, and reasons for, diagnostic delay in inflammatory bowel disease. (ICD_PC_Prior)
Dr James Prior (

The epidemiology of inflammatory musculoskeletal conditions‌ (ICD_PC_Hider)
Dr Sam Hider (

Trends in neuropathic analgesic prescribing for patients with knee osteoarthritis in primary care (ICD_PC_Bedson)
Dr John Bedson (

Health Literacy - and polypharmacy - impact of HL on patient safety‌ (ICD_PC_Protheroe)
Dr Joanne Protheroe (

Notion of 'stepped down care' in community for patients discharged from hospital‌ (ICD_PC_Protheroe)
Dr Joanne Protheroe (

The epidemiology and prognosis of inflammatory musculoskeletal conditions‌ (‌)
Prof Christian Mallen (; Dr Ed Roddy (

Psychosocial impact of living with osteoporotic fractures‌ (ICD_PC_Paskins)
Dr Zoe Paskins (

Pain, distress, psychology, family and relationships‌ (ICD_PC_Campbell)
Dr Paul Campbell (

The epidemiology of inflammatory musculoskeletal conditions‌ (ICD_PC_Muller)
Dr Sara Muller (

Qualitative methods/ Discourse Analysis/ Patient experiences of long-term conditions/ interaction in the clinical consultation/ clinical decision making/ Stratified Care‌ (‌)
Dr Ben Saunders (

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Diameters: A Prospective Study on the Discrepancy between the methods Measurements in the AAA Screening population (ICD_UHNM_Pherwani_Asquith)
Mr Arun Pherwani (; Dr John Asquith (

An investigation into potential adverse effects of transradial access for invasive cardiac procedures‌ (ICD_UHNM_Nolan_Fryer)
James Nolan (; Prof Tony Fryer (

Gastro-intestinal problems in children with cystic fibrosis‌ (ICD_UHNM_Gilchrist)
Dr Francis Gilchrist (

Long term changes in metabolism and obesity during peritoneal dialysis‌ (ICD_UHNM_Lambie_Elphick1)
Dr Mark Lambie (; Dr Emma Elphick

‌Long term changes in peritoneal dalysis ultrafiltration‌ (‌)
Dr Mark Lambie (; Dr Emma Elphick

Long-term effects of pregnancy complications of maternal and fetal health‌ (ICD_UHNM_Wu)
Dr Pensee Wu (

Monitoring in patients with diabetes and thyroid function: How well are we doing and how do we change practice?‌ (ICD_UHNM_Duff_Fryer)
Dr Chris Duff (; Prof Tony Fryer (

The effectiveness of the geko device to prevent deep vein thrombosis in immobile acute stroke patients‌ (ICD_UHNM_Roffe_Nevatte)
Prof Christine Roffe (; Dr Tracy Nevatte (

Paediatric asthma admissions - a 15 year observational study‌ (ICD_UHNM_Lenney_Gilchrist_Peach)
Prof Warren Lenney (; Dr Fran Gilchrist (; Jane Peach (

The relative effectiveness of bolus versus continuous nasogastric feeding after stroke: a proof of principle study‌ (‌)
Prof Christine Roffe (; Dr Fahmy Hanna (

Various meta-analyses around a cardiovascular theme‌ (ICD_UHNM_Mamas_Kwok)
Prof Mamas Mamas (; Dr Chun Shing Kwok (

Eliminating pain in farmers in the poorest corners of the world: a systematic review and meta-analysis of pain disorders in agricultural workers in low to middle income countries (ICD_Global_Health_Shepherd)
Dr Tom Shepherd (; Dr Toby Helliwell (; Prof Christian Mallen (

The associations between social deprivation and depression in Sri Lanka: a population database study (ICD_Global_Health_Shepherd_SriLanka)
Dr Tom Shepherd ( Athula Sumathipala (; Prof Kelvin Jordan (

General Practitioner understanding of Female Gential Mutilation (FGM) (ICD_Global_Health_Shepherd_FGM)
Dr Tom Shepherd (; Dr Toby Helliwell (; Prof Christian Mallen (

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