Undergraduate anatomy teaching

This facility and its staff not only provides increased anatomical resources for health and science education in Staffordshire, but also a centre for anatomical research and a focus for the dissemination of anatomical information, training, and exchange of ideas between professional groups requiring and utilising anatomy teaching.

Its first major users were medical, physiotherapy, nursing and midwifery students. The facilities have also been used for the teaching and training of surgeons, pharmacists, podiatrists, osteopaths, forensic scientists, operating theatre technicians, and bioscientists, including postgraduate courses.

Timetabled anatomy practical classes take place in the Undergraduate Dissection Room. Each group of students is allocated a cadaver which they examine under the guidance of the anatomy teaching staff and relate their findings to areas of clinical importance.

Teaching course / research enquiries

Mr Luke Welsh: Director of Anatomy
Tel: 01782 733633
Fax: 01782 734637
Email: l.a.welsh@keele.ac.uk

Room bookings

Mr. Richard Fairweather: Anatomy Office Manager 
Tel: 01782 34771 
Email: r.w.p.fairweather@keele.ac.uk