Contact details

Bequeathals, Donations, Administration

Bequeathals Officer/Administration:
Tel: 01782 734690/4668
Fax: 01782 734637

Anatomy Facility and Surgical Training Enquiries

Paul Clews: Anatomy Manager
Tel: 01782 733936
Fax: 01782 734637

Postgraduate Anatomy and Surgical Training Courses

Jenna Goode: Administrator – Postgraduate Anatomy & Surgical Training
Tel: 01782 733658

Teaching Course/Research Enquiries

Mr Luke Welsh: Director of Anatomy
Tel: 01782 734694
Fax: 01782 734637

Postal Address

School of Medicine
David Weatherall Building
Keele University


Staff Details

Academic staff

Luke Welsh, Director of Anatomy (HTA Designated Individual)                                                       

Dr Rachael Quinn, Anatomy Teaching Fellow                                                 

Steven Buddle, Anatomy Teaching Fellow                                                      

Dr Ashley Stephen, Anatomy Teaching Fellow                                               

Rachel Frigot, Associate Anatomy Teaching Fellow                          


Anatomy staff

Paul Clews MBIE, Anatomy Manager                

Richard Fairweather MBA, MBCS, Anatomy Office Manager                                                        

Tracey Walker, Anatomy Administrator

Brian Millward, Senior Anatomy Technician – Funeral Coordinator (Part-time)

Mike Proctor, Senior Anatomy Technician - Regulatory & Compliance (Part-time)

Zakee Hayat, Anatomy Technician

Mark Amison, Anatomy Technician

Andrew Sheldon, Anatomy Technician

Tom Lovelock, Learning Technology Officer

Jenna Goode, Administrator – Postgraduate Anatomy & Surgical Training


Part-time teachers of anatomy and clinical contributors

Professor Peter Willan, Surgeon & Freelance Anatomist

Mr Mike Mahon, Part-time Teacher of Anatomy,

Dr John Delieu, Part-time Clinical Tutor,

Dr Menos Lagopoulos, Part-time Lecturer

Kim Major (Physiotherapy)