Keele anatomy department provides anatomical teaching and resources for health and science education, both at Keele and across the North West of England.

We are also a centre for anatomical research, facilitating undergraduate and postgraduate student research projects.

Anatomy encompasses all levels of structural organisation; topographical, neuroanatomical, histological, cellular and developmental.

Knowledge and understanding of the anatomy of the human body is an essential part of medical, health science, sports science, and many life science professions.

The anatomy department supports the education of medical, physiotherapy, nursing, and midwifery students.

The Keele Master's in Anatomical Sciences is focused on the principles of anatomical research and clinically-‌applied anatomy. The course content integrates recent advances in molecular genetics, cell biology, microscopy, imaging and computer simulation, alongside gross cadaveric anatomy, and how these apply to biological and clinical problems concerning the human body.

A superb anatomy and surgical training facility in the Midlands. We specialise in hands-on practical anatomy related courses and have world class fully equipped HTA inspected modern anatomy and skills laboratories.

Medical science is very grateful to those benevolent individuals who bequeath their bodies for use after their deaths, to help doctors and other health scientists learn the intricacies of the human body, prepare for clinical practice, and carry out medical research.

Find out about the facilities available for undergraduate, postgraduate and surgical training courses.