School of Medicine alumni

Keele and you: from this day on!

Congratulations on entering the next phase of your professional life. Everyone here at Keele wishes you every success in your career whatever path it may take. We hope that the last five years have laid a sound foundation on which you can grow personally and professionally and that you have good memories of your time with us.

We hope that the end of FY1 will not be the end of your association with Keele and that we can remain in contact through a Medicine Alumni Circle. This is a mechanism which enables graduates and schools to keep in contact. 

Alumni Circles organise meetings which have a range of functions: 

  • Social; so that you can keep in contact with each other – our ideas here include alumni dinners, guest lectures and seminars, and we would welcome any ideas you may have
  • Education and support; for current students so you can share your experiences
  • Networking; so you can network as your careers develop
  • Feedback; so that we as a School can understand how your time as a student here has prepared you for your career and how we need to adapt to better meet our students’ needs.