Outline of the work of the school’s SAT

The medical school has established a self-assessment team (SAT) to assess current practices of the school. The SAT meets monthly to discuss quantitative and qualitative studies of inequality within the school, and to identify methods to combat these.

Whilst the SAT works to identify issues and provide potential solutions to combat any inequalities observed within the school, changes can only be implemented if everyone actively implements these through the department. This website aims to provide a way of communicating the SATs findings to the department to help us spread the word on how we can improve our workplace for all.

From our initial analysis the SAT has identified a number of different areas which could allow us to help support everyone to achieve their full career potential. These include:

  1. Raising awareness of Athena SWAN
  2. Embedding Athena SWAN principles within the student experience
  3. Confronting unconscious bias
  4. Enhancing women’s careers
  5. Flexible working
  6. Developing new academic and clinical leaders

Download the Athena SWAN SAT Biographies

Athena SWAN SAT Biographies (186 KB)