What can I do?

Read the website

By becoming more aware of gender equality issues in our workplace we can equip ourselves to create a more welcoming and inclusive culture for all our staff and students. This website will provide a collection of current news and links and resources so that everyone can become more aware of gender issues in medicine. 

Tell us your ideas

To best understand how we can help we need to know about everyone’s ideas and experiences within the medical school. If you have any ideas on how we might best support women within either the School of Medicine or ISTM then we would like to hear from you! We will also be using the “News from the SAT” page to try to encourage feedback from both our staff and students on the current activities of the self-assessment team. 

Tell us your experiences

The “Features” pages will be updated regularly with commentary on media stories and research about gender equality. In addition we will share profiles of female academics, clinicians, post-doctoral researchers, and students from our departments about their experiences of key stages and transitions in their academic careers. Whether you’ve got a comment on the feature or want to share your story, the website editors want to hear from you! 

Attend events

The website will be regularly updated with information regarding upcoming events and training events designed to promote and support the role of women and their families within the departments.