Welcome to Make-it-Molecular

Make-it-molecular is all about providing hands-on experiences with molecules.

We aim to show the beauty of the molecules that make up our world and provide fun and interactive ways to stimulate an increased awareness of molecules and the roles they play in our lives. From individual hands-on molecule building to huge sculptural representations of DNA and diamond, we represent molecules in all shapes and sizes. Follow the links from this page to find out more...


Girls with certificate  

Make-it-molecular is all about hands-on molecule building



Molly on parade

Molly Cool and the MEGA-MOLS are perfect for parades and festivals



Carbon rapture

Molecules with a wow factor: our exhibition featuring the three forms of carbon

We have been running hands-on molecule activities since 2002 and are currently running an EPSRC funded "Molecules Out and About" project - bringing molecules to wider audiences through our schools network, festival events and large scale molecule-based exhibitions.

At the heart of Molecules Out and About is the make-it-molecular activity - a fun, hands-on molecule building experience. We've also developed a sideline in molecule trails, great for festivals and attractions. On a larger scale, Molly Cool and the MEGA-MOLS are popular festival attractions, and bigger still are our sculptural molecules - CARBON RAPTURE, the Jubilee Diamond and our Guinness World Record breaking DNA.

We welcome anyone wanting to get involved in make-it-molecular activities. We have provided lots of free resources including our make-it-molecular instruction cards and advice for running events. We are always happy to hear from anyone wanting to get involved or find out more about our activities - contact us at: makeitmolecular@keele.ac.uk.  

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