LiveGreen: Keele

Welcome to the website for the pioneering project at Keele University, the 'Sustainable Student Bungalow'. The project is centred upon a bungalow based in Barnes halls of residence at Keele that has been converted into a sustainable living community. The project was initially started by four BSc Environment and Sustainability students in 2011 and has since then been opened up to students on any course at Keele, who are willing and wanting to practice sustainable student living.

The project aims to highlight to the whole campus community and further afield, the various benefits of living a more sustainable lifestyle, and that this type of lifestyle is possible and desirable for students. This includes minimizing our impact on the environment by reducing waste output and energy consumption, growing our own food in the garden, sourcing food from local farmers, and also furthering a more socially equitable society by promoting sustainable values through friends, and the wider campus community; helping to build communities around an ethos of sustainability.