School of Life Sciences Seminar Series

Seminars are from 1pm to 2pm in the Huxley Building room 005 and are advertised via posters around the Huxley building and the upcoming schedules are posted here within each semester.  All are welcome to attend, including undergraduate students.

slide For further information or suggestions for speakers please contact Mirna Mourtada

26-09   Dr Daniel Tonge and Dargham Hammad - Keele University

Molecular methods for microbiome characterisation

10-10  Dr  Stanislaw Glazewski – Keele University

Why do we sleep?

24-10  Prof Frederic Tripet - Keele University

Target Malaria, a not-for-profit research consortium aiming to develop novel genetic mosquito control approaches to reduce the burden of Malaria in sub-Saharan Africa

31-10   Dr Déla Nacer -  The National Institute for Biological Standards and Control

Malaria regulatory research: in vitro to in vivo

14-11  Prof  Georgios Giamas – University of Sussex

Elucidating the paracrine role of stromal cells in  triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) progression

21-11 Dr Ben Coleman (Scientific and Education Officer)- Trentham Monkey Forest

Samango monkeys – Staying vigilant in a landscape of fear

28-11  Dr Chris Adams - Keele University


12-12   Katerina Bountali - Keele University

Role of the long non coding RNA MIAT in neuroblastoma and Glioma