Postgraduate Taught Courses

The School offers two taught courses:

1 - MSc course in Molecular Parasitology and Vector Biology student looking down microcope

This is run by the Centre for Entomology and Parasitology and taught jointly with the university of Salford.

"The MSc was an intensive year of study, but was certainly helpful in bridging the gap between BSc and PhD. Not only were the subject areas and techniques encountered diverse, but also the method of assessment wide ranging from examination, presentation, lab reports and essays. The 5 month project period at the end of the course gave a real flavour of what was to come in a PhD and confirmed my choice of career. In contrast to being an undergraduate, with the small class size of the MSc, the atmosphere was very friendly and I am still in regular contact with several of my fellow students." - Vicky Carter (MSc Student)

solution stirring in flask


2 - MSc in Biomedical Blood Science

Information on PhD by research can be found here.