Dr Nawroz Kareem

Phone: +44 (0)1782 733671
Location: Huxley Building : 304
Role: Teaching Fellow in Biology
Nawroz Kareem

Nawroz O. Kareem completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region in 2002, where she obtained her Bachelor degree (BSc) in Animal Biology and Production, in the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. In the same year she was employed as a science demonstrator in the same Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. As a part of her studies she undertook a 2 years Master degree (MSc) in Fish Nutrition and graduated in 2008. Since then, she was working as a lecturer in the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Sulaimani.

In 2012, she joined the Research Institute of Science and Technology in Medicine at Keele University to study PhD degree in immunology. She was working on the development of carbohydrates as immunostimulants in fish cultures, and her studies are advancing the knowledge acquired as part of the Marie Curie EU ITN (NEMO). The work is in collaboration with several of the NEMO partners including Biorigin, the immunostimulant manufacturer. Then she has developed an extensive research profile in the area of fish immunology and participated in many national and international conferences in this area. She awarded a prize of best Early Stage Researchers oral presentation, the prizes sponsored by Elsevier (250$ Amazon voucher) at the 2nd EAFP UK and Ireland Branches meeting at Stirling University, UK September 2016.

Nawroz completed her PhD study at Keele University in May 2016. Her PhD studies investigated the effects of a novel semi-synthetic carbohydrate on the fish immune system and highlighted significant enhancement of the immunity and resistance to pathogens. These studies have industrial implications and she was in receipt of Innovation Impact Award from Keele University for 3 months in 2016 to develop the concept and prepare publications in peer-reviewed journals.

While at Keele University, she supervised and trained final year project undergraduate students for four years and employed as a sessional teacher and demonstrator at Keele University. She trained master students and she was part of the teaching team in two practical modules (Cell and Molecular Biology LSC-10031 and Research and Analytical Skills LSC-20056).

She is always keen to improve her personal knowledge and understanding through participating in different teaching modules at Keele University. In September 2016, she awarded Associate Fellowship in the Higher Education Academy (HEA).

She is a member of the European Association of Fish Pathologists (EAFP); IBCarb Network, Glycoscience Tools for Biotechnology & Bioenergy, a BBSRC NIBB; and Veterinary Vaccinology Network.

Development of carbohydrates as immunostimulants in fish culture

Supervisor: Prof D Hoole and Dr M Skidmore

Nawroz is studying the effects of beta glucan structure on immunological activity and cell proliferation incommon carp (Cyprinus carpio), in culture conditionsUnder the supervision of Prof. Dave Hoole and Dr. Mark Skidmore, new structural forms of the glucan are being devised and are being tested for their immunogenic activity. She is applying a range of molecular, cell biology and pathology techniques to in vitro systems i.e. pronephric immuno-competent cells and carp leucocyte cell lines to establish the significance of glucan characterisation on a range of cell activities. This will be transposed into in vivo studies and protection against a range of pathogenic organisms (e.g. KHV and Aeromonas hydrophila).