Royal Society / Wolfson Grant for Keele CAEP

This is a fantastic game changer for research in the School - Prof. Dave Hoole, Head of School

Keele's Centre for Applied Entomology & Parasitology has been awarded a Royal Society/Wolfson Awards for a major infrastructure development.

Head of CAEP Professor Frederic Tripet led the bid together with co-applicants Dr Catherine Merrick, Helen Price, Naomi Forrester, Mark Skidmore and Jayme Souza-Neto. Approximately £250K has been awarded, and the University will put in additional funds bringing the final figure to approximately £630K.

The funds will be spent to improve Category 3 lab facilities in the School and with also extend our work to include Schedule 5 restrictions. Thus, CAEP will be able to work with pathogens including viruses that are of human, veterinary and agricultural importance.