Kavli Prize for Neuroscience

The 2018 Kavli Prize for Neuroscience has gone to three scientists who have shed light on the fundamental processes of hearing, and helped to explain deafness.

One of the three, Professor Robert Fettiplace FRS of the University of Wisconsin, has been a long standing collaborator with the auditory section of the neuroscience team at Keele. The prize is awarded annually by the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters and will be presented in Oslo in September. Professor Fettiplace heard the news, which was announced on 31 May, while visiting Keele. The prize is awarded for “their pioneering work on the molecular and neural mechanisms of hearing.” Specifically on Robert Fettiplace, the citation states that “he has made fundamental contributions to our understanding of sound transduction and demonstrated that each hair cell in the cochlea of the inner ear is sensitive to a specific range of sound frequencies. His experiments revealed that hair cells are organized along the cochlea in a pattern that reflects their frequency selectivity.”

The award is shared with James Hudspeth (Rockefeller University) and Christine Petit (Collège de France/Pasteur Institute). The picture shows Robert Fettiplace and his host Michael Evans and was taken just after the news was announced.

prof Fettiplace