Study spaces

Want to book a study room?
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Library Study Space

The Library has a variety of study spaces. Whether you like to work with a group of friends or prefer to work in silence there’s a study space to suit everyone. We also provide bookable rooms for group working or for single study. You can see where the study spaces are located from the Library floor plan.

Want to work with a PC? PCs are available in the IT suite, IT labs and also in the group study rooms. Our availability check allows you to find a free PC in the Library. Wi-Fi and power sockets are available throughout the Library, so you can also use your own device wherever you want to study. We also provide a number of Multi Functional Printers (MFPs). You’ll need your Keele card to scan, print and copy.

Behaviour in the library

Both silent and group study areas are available for use but please remember that the Library is an academic study space and we do monitor noise and behaviour regularly. If you are being distracted by other users, you can use our ‘Text a Talker’ service and a member of staff will investigate the problem - text +44 (0)7768 511143. At busy times staff also monitor working space and any items left unattended for a period of time may be removed to free up study space for others. See the Library code of conduct.

Refreshment Area

Take a break from your studies in the refreshments area on the ground floor where you’ll find a selection of hot and cold drinks and also snacks. Cold food and drinks are allowed in the Library but not in the IT suite or Labs and any hot, smelly, or messy food is restricted to the refreshments area.

Library Lockers

Library lockers are available for use by Keele students on a 1 day basis and if the locker isn’t requested by another user, you can renew it manually for another day. If there are no library lockers available, you may place a request for one. There is no charge to use a Library locker but there's a charge of £50.00 for lost or stolen keys.

Booking a Room

If you need a more private space to study, you can book a study room. We have a mixture of group study, single study, one-to-one rooms and Postgraduate Semester study rooms.

There are 7 group study rooms and 8 collaboration spaces available to pre-book for up to 2 hours, one booking per group each day.

You can book a room at the library counter the day before you need it up to 9.30pm. You can also give us a call on +44 (0)1782 734159 or use the library chat service. If a room is free at the time you need it, you can book it yourself on the booking sheet outside the room.

Single study rooms are bookable daily for half-day slots. You can pre-book a room from the library counter.

You can also give us a call on +44 (0)1782 734159 or use the library chat Service. On the day, you may use vacant study rooms. Just put your name on the booking sheet outside the room.

There are 2 rooms suitable for one to one meetings that may be pre-booked for up to 2 hours, one booking per group each day. Priority is given to registered disabled users to book up to 2 weeks in advance. Other students can pre-book from 3 days in advance.

You can pre-book a room from the library counter. You can also give us a call on +44 (0)1782 734159 or use the library chat Service.

Taught and research postgraduate students can apply for a private study carrel for one session only. To request a room, please email your name, degree, School/RI and preferred semester to Principal Library Assistant Debbie Steventon at