Studying Peacefully During the Exam Period

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Posted on 29 April 2019

The exam period is upon us and we’ve over 1,100 study spaces available in the Library, but if you want to work silently whilst revising for exams or completing final projects then please use the study areas on the ground and top floors as these are designated for single person, silent study.  You can also book a silent study room at the Library Counter.  Study rooms are available for half a day and bookable on the day you intend to use it. 

If you’re being disturbed in a silent study area, please make use of our Text-a Talker service on 07768 511143.

Study space

You can also use the following rooms over in the Chancellor’s Building – no need to book: CBA1.080; CBA1.081; CBA1.098; CBA1.099; CBA1.100.
We wish you the very best of luck with your exams and final projects, but please be considerate to others working in the Library. Remember, Library staff are here to help if you need us!