Box of Broadcasts - playlists

Users of Box of Broadcasts may find that some of their playlists have disappeared following a change to log-in details.

Duplicate user accounts had been created on the platform, which were removed by colleagues in Information & Digital Services (IDS). Unfortunately, some of the personalisation which users had put in place on their MyBoBaccounts has been lost as a result.

Users will find that they are prompted to set up a new account on Box of Broadcasts. If you are yet to do this, Box of Broadcasts have confirmed that when you do, details and playlists from your old account will transfer over to the new one – provided the same email address from your old account is used for the new one.

If you have already created a new account, Box of Broadcasts can migrate your old content over to the new account (so long as the email address used for the account is the same) but you need to get in touch with them directly to request this. You can email them at: