Emergency transfer of Dawsonera ebook content

Unfortunately, one of our main ebook suppliers, Dawsonera, has gone into administration. This means Dawsonera ebook content will have to be transferred (where possible) to a new supplier: VLeBooks.
The Dawsonera ebook platform will cease to function on 31st July and we would like to urge everyone to download any annotations or references that you want to keep as soon as possible as these are not able to be transferred across. There may also be a short period of disruption to the content while VLeBooks activate all the content on the new platform and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
As soon as we have the details we will be updating all the links to the ebooks on Reading Lists and on Library Search, but please contact us if you have any queries once the process has started.
We would also like to send our best wishes to all the wonderful Dawsonera staff at this very uncertain time.