Online library access while studying at home

The Library website has been updated to include signposting at the top of the home page with quick links for easier navigation to the most appropriate and useful content.

Liaison Librarians should the first point of contact for enquiries about specific resources, especially whilst the Library is closed. We are also liaising with publishers and suppliers to enable access to content that is being made available freely for the remaining months of the academic year, and links to this content can be found on our webpages -   Users are advised to check this page regularly as it’s being frequently updated.

Furthermore, JISC have partnered with Kortext and other suppliers to open up access to electronic books from a range of large publishing houses (e.g. Sage, Taylor and Francis etc.) to make them freely available to HEIs through the “Free Student Textbook Programme (FSTP)”. The Library team has been working to provide lists of library texts cited on modules and reading lists and make these available via our Online Reading List portal and LibrarySearch. Finally, some of our e-book suppliers have lifted the limits on the number of concurrent users to our e-book collections to enable the widest possible staff and student access.

Access to online eResources

Our vast collection of Library eResources can be accessed remotely using your Keele log-in. Please use the link on the Library homepage or go straight to Library Search

Other useful links for accessing library resources are:

Many publishers have opened up free access to their collections while the campus is restricted, these have been added to our webpages - - and we are adding them to Library Search where possible.

Google Scholar is also a great place to search for Open Access freely-available, high quality academic resources.

If you need help locating open access academic articles, browser plug-ins such as Kopernio and Unpaywall can be very useful and are available for Chrome and other Internet browsers

You can find links to additional resources being provided by a range of publishers here

Study Skills Queries and Subject Resources

If you need help from your School Liaison Librarian, please send them an email. Your Liaison Librarian will still be able to offer advice and support from 8.45am-5pm, Monday to Friday, via email, phone, or pre-arranged video conferencing.

All of our subject resources can be found grouped by subject area on our website. They are also available as an A-Z list

Library Search

The best way to access journal articles from the subscriptions Keele has is by using Library Search, particularly if you’re looking for specific titles. 

Get in touch! 

If you need help with accessing eResources, subject resources or have study skills queries, please get in touch with our Customer Services team, who will be available 9.30am-4pm Monday to Friday. 

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Start an online chat on our website.

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