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A new version of Refworks is available - click here to find out more.

The new version will make managing references even easier with;

  • a clearer design and layout
  • unlimited storage for saving references and documents along with your references
  • new web tools to make collecting references from journals and websites a simple 3 step process


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About Refworks & How To Register

Reference management software can help you in lots of ways:

  • Collect and manage references to articles, books, and other literature
  • Import references from online databases (e.g. Academic Search Premier, MEDLINE and so on)
  • Search and sort your references in different ways
  • Produce a bibliography / reference list
  • Insert citations into a word-processing document and generate the corresponding reference list (you first need to download the 'Write 'N' Cite tool if working off-campus, but it should already be available on PCs on the Keele University network)

RefWorks is online reference management software (no need to install any software on your computer), is accessible wherever you have an internet connection, and is completely free to members of Keele University.

All you need to do is register using your Keele IT login - details on how to do this are below:

Book A Place On Our Training Sessions

The Library service offers Refworks training at the Campus and Health Libraries.

Sessions at the Campus Library are hosted by Librarians in the Academic Services team, and those at the Health Library by either Mariet Schepers, Gill Grigson or Rachael Lewis.

2017-18 (**Campus Library Training Dates Coming Soon**)

Date Time Venue Booking
Monday 4 September 2017 2.00pm Health Library Book Your Place
Wednesday 13 September 2017 11.00am Health Library Book Your Place
Thursday 14 September 2017 3.00pm Health Library Book Your Place
Friday 22 September 2017 10.00am Health Library Book Your Place

Getting Started Video & Guides

Not Got A Refworks Account?

Our Instructions On How To Create Your Account

Getting Started?


The following are the Library's own short video guides, click on the headings below to view:

Book an online training session with Refworks


Problems Logging In?

Keele "Single Sign On" Users

We've also produced a guide (PDF) to clarify the login procedure for those using their Keele IT username and password.

Are You An Athens Login User?

Use the link given in the section below "Still Using Athens?" to login. Here's a guide (PDF) to clarify that procedure.

OR email:

Write N Cite & Related

A new version of Write N Cite, version 4, is now available to users.


How To Install

Version 4 Basics - Refworks' own guidance on logging into and working with Write N Cite 4

If users have problems with Write N Cite 4, you can alternatively use Refworks itself to insert citations and format documents.

It is still possible to use Write N Cite III, the previous version, if you have that installed on your own computer.

If you have problems with Write N Cite, the email for help is:

Still Using Athens?

  • IF YOU ARE STILL USING AN ATHENS LOGINConnect to Refworks here 

    (This is ONLY for users who have registered their accounts using the old ATHENS system. After clicking this link, select "I want to log in with an alternative account", which takes you to an Athens login page).

The steps that follow will help you relocate your Refworks account as the University makes the transition from the Athens system to the new "single sign on" login process.

Getting Started

Access your Refworks account in the normal manner via the Athens login. Perform the backup as described below. Once complete, the backup file you save to your computer will be used to recreate your database in a new Refworks account associated with your Keele login.


To create a duplicate of your account to include all references, populated folders, attachments and customised output styles:

1) From either the TOOLS or the REFERENCES menu, select Backup/Restore.

2) By default, Include References, Attachments and RSS Feeds are selected and will make up the backup file. Additionally, all custom Output Styles are selected for backup. You may deselect any or all custom output styles if you do not wish to retain them.

3) Select Perform Backup

4) Save the RWB/ZIP file when asked, to a location on your computer. If you are not prompted to save the file, select the link that says Click here to save your backup file to download the backup file to your computer.

The default file name is a combination of your organization's Group Code and your Athens user code. Save the file to your computer in an easy to find location such as your desktop or documents folder.

Please do not attempt to open the file. It is password protected by the programme to prevent CORRUPTION of the data inside.

Now that the backup has been created, logout of your account, and return to the Refworks login page.


From the Library Refworks login page (i.e. from the top of this page), select the option CONNECT TO REFWORKS HERE, next to IF YOU ARE A NEW USER OF REFWORKS. At the following page, enter your KEELE username and password.

You will then be invited to create a new account. Enter your name, Keele email address (preferably) and indicate your subject area and user type preferences.

Use the following steps to recreate your Refworks account:

1) From either the TOOLS or the REFERENCES menu, select Backup/Restore.

2) Browse on your computer for the appropriate back up file (in the location you saved it).

3) Select Include References, Include RSS Feeds and/or Include Output Styles.

4) Click on Perform Restore.

Once this is complete, you will now be able to login to Refworks using your Keele login.

Write N Cite

Once you've moved your Refworks account to your Keele login, your login for Write N Cite will likewise change.

At the initial page when you launch Write N Cite, you will be presented with a Refworks login screen.

Click on the "Login through your institution (Shibboleth users)" link. Select "Keele University" from the list of institutions from the "pull down" menu.

Then click "Login" and you should be conveyed to the Keele University login page, which will then convey you to Write N Cite once your details are entered.

Alumni Access

Are you leaving Keele but want to continue to use Refworks?

No problem, as long as Keele University subscribes to Refworks, you can continue to use it through the alumni access scheme.

Please send an email to with your name and details.

We'll then send you instructions on moving your account from the Keele system to the Refworks alumni system.

We recommend you contact us before your Keele registration ends, however we can re-instate access to accounts even if this happens.

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