Library Contacts

General Contacts and Enquiries

Campus Library

General enquiries and student feedback


phone: 01782 734159

Postal address

Library, Keele University, Keele, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 5BG, UK

fax: 01782 734502

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Health Library

View the Health Library Contacts page here

Academic Services

Jo-Anne Watts
Academic Services Manager and Liaison Librarian: Humanities and Social Science & Public Policy


phone: 01782 734503

Julie Beard
Liaison Librarian: Computing & Maths; Geography, Geology & the Environment; Life Sciences


phone: 01782 734162

Scott Chesworth
Research Support Librarian and Liaison Librarian: Chemical & Physical Sciences, Psychology and Foundation Year


phone: 01782 734510

Scott McGowan
Research Support Librarian


phone: 01782 734506

Steve Parton
Liaison Librarian: Medicine and Health Sciences 


phone: 01782 733480

Jane Shaw
Liaison Librarian: Law, Politics, International Relations and Philosophy and Management School


phone: 01782 733534

Scanning for Visually Impaired Students


phone: 01782 734160 (Liz Lafferty) 

Digitisation Service


phone: 01782 733502 (Debra Boardman & Nigel Walker)
              01782 734184 (Karen Wyatt)
              01782 734160 (Kim McGaw)


Amanda Bateman
Library Finance and Administration Assistant


phone: 01782 734183

Customer Services

Janet Weaver
Customer Services Manager


phone: 01782 733503

Loan Account Enquiries


phone: 01782 734159

Inter Library Loans


phone: 01782 733236

Julie Peers
Library Counter Supervisor


phone: 01782 734159

Claire Smith
Library Counter Supervisor


phone: 01782 734159

Debbie Steventon
Library Counter Supervisor


phone: 01782 734159

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Special Collections and Archives

Helen Burton
Special Collections and Archives Administrator


phone: 01782 733237

Support Services

Judith Stevens
Library Support Services Manager


phone: 01782 733637

Library Ordering


phone: 01782 733239

Systems and Eresources

Ian Haydock
Library Systems Manager


phone: 01782 733241

Paul Johnson
Library Electronic Resources Manager


phone: 01782 734504

Lisa Bailey
Senior Library Systems Assistant


phone: 01782 733231

University Librarian

Paul Reynolds
University Librarian


phone: 01782 733238

About Us

Mission Statement and Strategic Plan 2015 - 2020

The mission of Keele University Library is to facilitate effective access to all forms of academic information in support of the University's teaching, learning and research objectives. 

Library Code of Conduct

Details of the Code of Conduct policy for Keele University Library.

Keele Library Privacy Notice

This privacy notice describes how we collect and use personal information about you during and after your working relationship with us, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018. 

Keele University Library Statement of Public Task

This statement sets out the Public Task of Keele University Library under the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2015

Mercian Collaboration

Policy on Fines and Appeals

The Library undertakes to:

  • Indicate clearly when your loan is due for return on your Library Search record.
  • Enable you to check your loans online and to renew them yourself, providing another borrower does not request them and you don't owe more than £10.
  • Allow you to recall material on loan to other borrowers.
  • Send you a Monthly Statement - outlining the status of all your loans.
  • Remind you when your loans become overdue- messages will be sent to your University email address.
  • Failure to send or receive Library messages will not invalidate the date on which a loan is due for return.
  • Publicise the fines rates for all categories of loan material via the web site and in printed publications.

You undertake to:

  • Keep a regular check on your Library account using Library Search.
  • Read Library notices carefully, they will be sent to your University email.
  • Retain any self service receipts which indicate the date to which an item was borrowed.
  • Look after the loans whilst they are in your care.
  • Pay any charges incurred for the late return of loans or for the loss of or damage to any material borrowed by you. The University will take steps to recover outstanding debts.
  • Report loss of Keele card as soon as possible - or telephone 01782 734159
  • Immediately report any unusual activity on your Library account, for example items showing on loan that you did not borrow.

Withdrawal of Items from Stock

It is the Library's policy to withdraw from stock items for which there is no reasonable justification for retention. Old and superseded texts can be misleading or worthless and unsought material can obstruct the search for relevant items. Stock editing is also necessary to make room for new material as the Library's collections expand within finite accommodation.

Where appropriate, relevant academic staff may be asked to help select stock for withdrawal in specific subject areas, but Library staff also withdraw stock as part of an ongoing collection management programme. The criteria used will include:

  • Relevance to current or planned teaching or funded research
  • Frequency of use, especially as indicated by borrowing records
  • Number of copies held
  • Currency, particularly in areas where information dates rapidly
  • Physical condition
  • Availability elsewhere, in electronic form, locally or through Inter-Library Loans

The library occasionally publishes classified lists of possible withdrawals. These contain details of those items being considered for withdrawal but where no final decision has yet been reached. The list gives academic staff the opportunity to request that selected titles be retained. The books listed are displayed at the beginning of the classified journals sequence on the lower floor of the library - if in doubt about their location, please ask at Library Enquiries.