Returning books - final year students

To all final year students.

Although the past few months have been very strange for all of us, we do hope that you have enjoyed your time at Keele and using the Library.
On the grounds of safety and avoiding unnecessary travel, we are not expecting you to come back onto campus to return any outstanding books. There are two main ways of returning your library books:

  1. Hand your books in along with your keys when you return to campus to clear your accommodation. The Library staff will then collect the books from the Accommodation team when we are back on site. Please note the books will continue to automatically renew and not incur fines until we have checked them back into the system.

  2. We have also set up a Royal Mail Freepost service to enable you to take these to your nearest Post Office and send them back to us free of charge. There are a few simple steps to follow:
    • Wrap each book separately (in paper or plastic to avoid any damage in transit) and then make up a parcel of around three books, depending on size and weight of the books, to a total weight of no more than 5kg. Ideally, they should be wrapped in brown paper or a Jiffy bag. Please make sure that the parcels are well wrapped so that they reach us securely. If you have more than three books or they are large, heavy books you may need to make up a number of parcels.
    • Visit the web address:  and, if possible, please print off the Freepost label and stick this to your parcel. If you don't have a printer, copy the QR code from the website to your mobile phone instead.
    • Take your parcel to your nearest Post Office. If you haven't been able to print the return label, show them the QR code and they will print it for you.

The Freepost books will be returned to the University within 48 hours. Please note that they will remain on your Library record until the Library staff are back on site to return these to our stock. However, they will continue to automatically renew until we are able to return them so you will not be fined.
We hope that you find this process simple and are able to return the books to us. If you have already returned your books, thank you, these will be checked in and removed from your Library record as soon as the Library staff return to campus. Obviously, if we do not receive the books back we may have to invoice you for the cost of replacement at some point in the future, so we do urge you to use this free service if possible in order to avoid this.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at:
Kind regards

Janet Weaver (Customer Service Manager)