Aims and Objectives

The overall aim of the project is to explore and evaluate issues of legacy of four Connected Communities Projects in terms of their methodologies, outputs and partnerships. 

These projects are:

  • Exploring Personal Communities: A Review of Volunteering Processes (AH/J012238/1);
  • Bridging the gap between academic rigour and community relevance (AH/K006185/1);
  • Untold Stories of Volunteering: A Cultural Animation Project (AH/K006576/1);
  • Revisiting the Midpoint of British Community Studies (AH/J006920/1)

There are five interconnected objectives:

1.  To evaluate the intended and unintended legacies of CC projects in terms of their methodologies, cultural outputs and partnerships;

2.  To support and upscale the legacy of such projects by enlisting new communities and institutional stakeholders (such as Locality and the Department of Communities and Local Government);

3.  To critically reflect on and learn from the positive and negative experiences of working in a cross-disciplinary and collaborative manner with community partners and other institutional stakeholders with the view to shed new light on what counts as quality, originality and impacts of research;

4.  To co-produce and disseminate knowledge about what methodology works best in what context;

5.  To synergise and exploit more fully the existing expertise and knowledge co-created within the CC programme in an international context.