‌Russian is currently the 7th most spoken language – spoken by almost 300 million people in 16 countries, covering almost a quarter of the world’s land surface, making it an already indispensable language on the world stage, and is becoming more so in our world of ever burgeoning international trade links and cultural exchange.

All major business spheres; banking, trading, manufacturing, mineral resources/ mining, computing, technology & innovation and space exploration, all welcome specialists with a knowledge of Russian, and some even demand it.

Russian is one of the six official languages used in: The UN, UNICEF, The EC, WHO, OPEC, and is one of only two languages spoken in space!

Russia’s contribution to world culture is immense. Try going a single day without coming into contact with Russian music, art, literature or theatre. Knowledge of Russian is extremely beneficial to those wishing to mine the marvellously vast depths of Russian culture and history – in all their myriad facets.

While it is renowned for being one of the more difficult languages in the world language basket, Russian is surprisingly simple to learn at a basic level.

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 Which level do I choose? 

There are 6 levels (stages 1-6). The qualifications table will show you the most appropriate module for your level of language competence. Where GCSE qualifications are given, we assume these were taken 2-5 years ago. 


Times for classes are dependent on the Keele undergraduate timetable and will be available from the beginning of the academic year.

It is possible for students to spend 3-4 weeks at Aver State University in Russia, allowing students the chance to get first-hand experience of language and culture during the vacation period - See Residential Summer Language Courses.