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Deciding what to study at university is an important decision, which is why Law at Keele has something for everyone. We offer a range of flexible pathways, from single honours LLB courses that provide a qualifying law degree, to a distinctive undergraduate programme in International Business & Law, to a variety of combined honours programmes within which you can learn law alongside a wide range of possible subjects.

If you'd like to become a solicitor or barrister, one of our single honours LLB programmes would most suit your needs.

Students who are interested in law but do not wish to enter the legal professions will find our exciting range of combined honours degrees offer great choice and flexibility to fit with a variety of future career choices.

If you decide to study combined honours law programmes, you can also apply to change to one of our qualifying law degree pathways at the end of your first year, as long as you study two required law modules in each semester of your first year.

For information regarding our entry requirements please see our course pages below, or please see the main entry requirements pages.

Bar Standards Board and Solicitors Regulation Authority - EU Law and QLD/CPE/LPC qualifications

On the 2nd August 2016, the Bar Standards Board (BSB) and Solicitors Regulation Authority issued this statement in regards to the study of EU Law as a compulsary subject for the academic year 2016/17 -

“At present, the United Kingdom remains a member state of the European Union.  It is too early to know what the timetable for any change as a result of the outcome of the recent EU referendum vote will be, or the outcome of the post-referendum negotiations over access to the single market. Neither the SRA nor the BSB will be making any change to the academic requirements in relation to EU law for either the Qualifying Law Degree or Common Professional Examination for the coming academic year. The SRA will be making no change to its requirements for the Legal Practice Course for the coming academic year. The BSB will be making no change to its requirements for the Bar Professional Training Course for the coming academic year."