Student Applications

Keele School of Law is part of two pathways for UKRI studentship competitions: Law and Socio-legal Studies


Studentship Applications

These are highly competitive studentship competitions. We are very proud that some of our students have been successful. Applications to either pathway require a lot of preparation and revisions. 

Please read the guidance from the doctoral training centre to determine whether you qualify for application: 

The deadline is usually mid-January to early February. Please check our studentship pages for the adverts. 

Should you wish to apply for a studentship, it is important that you submit a complete application to the School of Law (via Keele University Application System) in good time. We suggest that it be no later than the 1st  November.  

We will then assess your application and determine whether there is supervision capacity within the School, determine your eligibility under studentship scheme and assess the quality of your proposal.  

Once we have accepted your application, we will provide feedback to support your efforts to refine and revise the application. These applications require a lot of work and will require successive drafts.   

Please note, we will not be able to support you, unless you formally apply for PhD study in Law at Keele.