Keele School of Law Research Environment: 

The Keele School of Law has a distinctive profile in theoretical socio-legal and empirical research. The School is also well known for its work in areas of ethics, particularly in the field of medical ethics, and for a range of cross-disciplinary research activity. Staff are engaged in exploring diverse methodologies and interdisciplinary approaches to legal analysis, and publish in a wide range of journals and books. The School of Law also produces excellent work relying upon more traditional doctrinal research methods.  


The core research clusters  in the School lie in: 

  • Social Justice and Human Rights 
  • International and European Law 
  • Legal Education, Innovation and Practice 
  • Ethics, Health and Social Care 
  • Gender, Sexuality and law 

These clusters also host a range of research seminars and public lecture series, including the Thornberry Annual Lectures on International Law and Human Rights; Royal Institute of Philosophy Seminars on Healthcare Ethics; Social Work Law Seminar Series; and Gender, Sexuality and Law Seminar Series. 

To get an idea of who our current research students are and their topics see our Research Students pages.  

For a full list of staff research interests, areas of postgraduate supervision, and publications, see our academics. 

The School of Law research degrees benefit from the wider research environment and support services provided by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Keele Doctoral Academy.