Research clusters

Academic research with Keele Law School can be grouped in the following clusters:

Current members are researching the regulation of gender and sexuality, social justice, with a focus on material inequality, and human rights theory and practice.

International and European law is a fast growing area of expertise within the Law School, combining policy and human rights analyses with jurisprudential, critical, postcolonial and feminist theory.

This research field builds upon the School of Law’s longstanding tradition of excellence in moral philosophy, applied ethics, socio-legal scholarship and gender, sexuality and law inquiries, as applied to areas of healthcare.

Using inter-disciplinary methodologies (including sociological, anthropological, historical and philosophical work), our scholars have produced leading theoretical work that has led to direct engagement with key policy-makers.

This is an emerging area of research strength at the Law School, benefiting from and utilising inter-disciplinary methodologies.

Keele Law School has a range of research projects about gender, sexuality, and law. Cluster members are working on developing theoretical debates, connecting with local communities, and engaging with law reform initiatives.

ASC focuses on ageing conceived of broadly as a longitudinal phenomenon, and therefore includes research on every aspect of the life course from early to mid-childhood, through to old age.